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Refer a Friend

Refer a friend to KIS Academics and get some sweet sweet rewards 🎁

The Student Space Podcast

🎧 A free podcast to motivate and inspire students!

LinkedIn Masterclass

Learn how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile and network for success 👩‍💼

Study Skills Programs

Learn the skills you need to ace your studies and become a high performing student

The KIS Mindset Module

🤫 Learn the unorthodox secrets KIS uses to get the best marks in the country

10 modules

The KIS Exam Preparation Module

Becoming good at exams is a skill in itself 🧑‍🎓

11 modules

Sarah Rav's Productivity & Study Skills Masterclass

Become the most SUCCESSFUL version of yourself in all aspects of life, with the infamous and insta-famous Sarah Rav

22 modules

Sarah Rav's Ultimate Notion Template to Stay Organised at School

Want to learn how to stay on top of everything and EXCEL at university? I’ve created a Notion Template that will allow you to do this and SO much more.

1 modules

Sarah Rav's Ultimate Study Planner & Guide

Do you struggle with procrastination? Or ever feel like you’re not doing enough study? This Study Planner will transform you into an efficient, academic weapon!

1 modules

The smartest, most effective way to cram for exams

Have you left exam revision until the last minute? Scared that you’re going to fail because you don’t know any of the content? The exam revision hack inside this course will SAVE your grades!

1 modules

VCE High Performance Programs

Get full access to the KIS Academics VCE High Performance Programs

VCE Chemistry 1/2

👩‍🔬So...can someone please explain what a mole is??

88 modules

VCE Chemistry 3/4

🧪 Chemistry? More like Che-mystery, am I right?

263 modules

VCE Mathematical Methods 1/2

📐Maths is kinda starting to get harder now...

77 modules

VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4

📐Surprisingly, there actually is method to the (Mathematical) madness

140 modules

VCE Biology 3/4

A step-by-step guide to VCE Biology mastery!!

120 modules

VCE Biology 1/2

🧪To learn the basics of biology, start here

78 modules

VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4

📐 Let's hope you're a specialist at maths if you're doing Specialist Maths.

183 modules

VCE Physics 3/4

🪐Physics makes the universe work

143 modules

VCE Business Management 3/4

📊 CEO of actually learning how a business works

167 modules

VCE Health and Human Development 3/4

🏥 Who knew there was so much to know about health?

70 modules

VCE Further Mathematics 3/4

📈It's time to take your maths skills even further

132 modules

VCE Biology 3/4 (Old Curriculum)

👩‍⚕️ Let me guess, you want to be a doctor?

212 modules

HSC High Performance Programs

Get full access to the KIS Academics HSC High Performance Programs

HSC English Advanced - Year 12

Super-boosting your HSC English Advanced scores!!! 📚

18 modules

HSC Year 12 Chemistry

To super-boost your HSC Year 12 Chemistry scores 🧪

105 modules

HSC Year 12 Biology

🧬 A comprehensive course for all your HSC Year 12 Biology needs!

144 modules

HSC Year 11 Biology

🧬 A comprehensive course for all your HSC Year 11 Biology needs!

110 modules

HSC Extension 2 Mathematics

Everything here for your HSC Extension 2 Mathematics needs!

63 modules

HSC Extension 1 Mathematics

📏Extend your mathematics knowledge with Extension 1 Maths

61 modules

HSC Advanced Mathematics

📐Get ready to become even more advanced in advanced maths

68 modules

QCE High Performance Programs

Get full access to the KIS Academics QCE High Performance Programs

QCE Chemistry 3/4

A step-by-step guide to QCE Chemistry mastery!

175 lessons

QCE Biology 3/4

QCE Biology made easy!

89 lessons

QCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4

🔢 Learn how to be a specialist at maths

120 lessons

QCE Mathematical Methods 3/4

📐 Learn the methods to ace maths

93 lessons

QCE Physics 3/4

🧑‍⚕️Let's get physics-al

67 lessons

QCE Biology 1/2

🧑‍⚕️So, you want to study medicine one day?

91 lessons

WACE High Performance Programs

Get full access to the KIS Academics WACE High Performance Programs

WACE Physics 3/4

Everything you need to know to ACE the WACE Physics 3/4!

69 modules

WACE Human Biology 3/4

🧬Humans are complicated and so is their biology

78 modules

WACE Chemistry 3/4

🧪 Chemistry? More like Che-mystery, am I right?

85 modules

WACE Specialist Mathematics 3/4

🧩 So you like really, really hard maths huh?

136 modules

SACE High Performance Programs

Get full access to the KIS Academics SACE High Performance Programs

SACE Stage 1 Chemistry

Boost your SACE Chemistry study performance today! 🚀

24 lessons

SACE Stage 1 Maths Methods

Boost your SACE Mathematics performance today 🚀

90 lessons

SACE Stage I and II English

A comprehensive enchiridion of secrets on mastering SACE Stage 1 and 2 English

12 lessons

SACE Stage 1 Biology

To explore all the nuances of Stage 1 Biology 🧬

77 lessons

Medical Entry High Performance Programs

Learn the skills you need to become a doctor


🏥 Learn the secrets Med Students use to ace the UCAT

35 lessons

Year 7-10 Maths Acceleration

Get full access to the KIS Academics Maths Acceleration Programs

Grade 8 Mathematics

➕Learn how to ace Grade 8 Mathematics

90 modules

Grade 7 Mathematics

➖Learn the essentials to Grade 7 Maths

132 modules

Grade 9 Mathematics

✖️Get ahead in Grade 9 Mathematics

51 modules

Grade 10 Mathematics

➗ Supercharge your Grade 10 Mathematics studies

180 modules